World’s Largest High-Temperature Electrolyser

Salzgitter AG is introducing climate-friendly steel production technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. The company announces that another technological breakthrough has been achieved within the GrInHy2.0 hydrogen project.

To drastically reduce its carbon footprint by 2033, the company has implemented the SALCOS® – Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking Program as an essential aspect of its new Salzgitter AG 2030 strategy. Part of this initiative is the EU-funded hydrogen project GrInHy2.0, demonstrating – according to Salzgitter – the world’s largest high-temperature electrolyser for green hydrogen production.

“Our electrolyser runs at operating temperatures of 850 °C and uses waste heat from Salzgitter’s steel production processes,” explains Konstantin Schwarze, Head of Large Systems Product Development at Sunfire. “That is why our high-temperature electrolyser requires much less electricity to produce hydrogen at a large scale than conventional technologies. As part of GrInHy2.0, we finally demonstrated the high efficiency on a megawatt-scale.”

Besides Salzgitter Flachstahl and Sunfire, also the Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung, SMS Group company Paul Wurth, Tenova and the French research center CEA are part of the GrInHy2.0 consortium. Tube / Hall 4 / H42

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