3D measurement data now easier to generate

With release 10.1 of the PSV data acquisition and analysis software from optics specialist Polytec, test engineers can determine 3D measurement data for model validation faster and easier thanks to intelligent algorithms, according to a statement by the company. Image processing algorithms have already simplified the setup and alignment of the three measuring lasers since the previous release of the software. The latest release includes a new type of displacement compensation which automatically adjusts the measuring points as soon as loads change the position of the measuring object. “Edges in the imported geometry model are also detected automatically so that the lasers hit their target reliably”.

Efficient algorithms now make it possible to execute and evaluate even large 3D measurement projects based on FE models with millions of nodes on a high-performance notebook. “With these new possibilities, Polytec can now offer its customers the PSV QTec 3D with multi-channel interferometry, which is optimised for measurements on technical surfaces, in a compact version for mobile use,” the company states. The proven workstation with integrated ergonomic workstation remains in the range. Tube / Hall 7a / E19

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