ORI Martin obtained the EPD certification

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a voluntary declaration describing the environmental performances of products in compliance with the ISO 14025 international standard. The EPD is the main environmental certification in Europe and represents an essential step to declare the sustainable performance of production. ORI has now received EPD certification. The Environmental Product Declaration quantifies the environmental effects of the production process and links them to eco-friendly technologies and materials. The EPD also certifies the company’s capability to monitor the environmental performance of products. It is issued after an extended examination of the product lifecycle performances. Obtaining the certification further enhances the company’s commitment to making processes more sustainable and cutting the environmental impacts of activities, contributing to clear communication of the results to the internal and external stakeholders. By meeting these requirements, ORI Martin S.p.A. received the EPD for the following products: Annealed wire rods and bars; Hot-rolled wire rods and bars; Quenched and tempered bars; Steel Billets. wire / Halle 12 / B16

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