Printing cables at over 60 km/h

Leibinger develops industrial printers that use special inks and industry-specific technologies to deliver top speeds, reliability and user-friendliness and ensure quality and maximum output in extruded product marking. The German marking specialist will be presenting five of these technologies at Wire. One of them is the JET Rapid Wire, a high-speed printer.

With the JET Rapid Wire, cables, wires, pipes and hoses can be marked at speeds of up to 1000 m/min or 60 km/h. “Thanks to print heads developed for these applications, fixed and variable codes can be applied legibly even with small cable diameters,” Leibinger emphasises. Special inks provide the necessary adhesion, abrasion resistance and durability.

With the JET Rapid Wire PI, even dark materials can be marked with contrast inks at up to 800 m/min. Leibinger also has a solution for flexible applications with frequent product changes on the lines. A special ink is used that is easily legible on both dark and light surfaces. This all-round solution eliminates the need to purchase several devices for printing on different coloured cables, wires and pipes.

At the core of Leibinger’s printing technology is Leibinger’s patented hydraulic system with Sealtronic® – a fully automatic nozzle sealing technology that air seals the ink circuit during production pauses. “This significantly increases the reliability of the marking and eliminates labour-intensive cleaning work due to dried ink and clogged nozzles,” says Leibinger.

Another feature is the Speed-Dependent-Output function. With this function, common pre-treatments, such as corona or plasma, are actively monitored and controlled by the printer. If the production speed falls below the specified minimum, the pre-treatment is actively switched off to avoid production downtimes.

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