Hazelett Joins Ebner Group Hazelett

Strip-Casting Corporation of Colchester, Vermont, USA, has become a member of the EBNER GROUP, headquartered in Leonding, Austria, through the acquisition by EBNER of a majority interest in Hazelett. Mino S.p.A, based in Alessandria, Italy, will remain a shareholder along with David Hazelett, who will remain both a shareholder and President.

Hazelett technology is used in metal manufacturing processes worldwide to cast aluminium, copper, zinc, and lead into metal strip and bar stock used to create countless products. Hazelett has designed and manufactured casting machines for the global metal industries for over 100 years. Ebner has been a designer and producer of thermal processing furnaces for over 70 years. Both have been family-owned throughout their histories, and this merger preserves that legacy.

“As family-owned businesses, Hazelett and Ebner have the freedom to take a longer view; one that encourages investment in research and development, building long-term relationships and preserving our environment,” states David Hazelett. wire / Hall 10 / C42-07

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