Premiere for all-in-one machine from Amba

Amba is introducing its new all-in-one machine for the production of 10-mm-diameter, full-thread screws in lengths of up to 420 mm at Wire. “It is the first machine in the world able to produce screws of this length and diameter from coiled wire to finished product in a continuous cycle,” the company states.

The new machine works according to the Amba-developed all-in-one principle, i.e. all process steps – from paying off, cutting to length and straightening the wire to head forming and thread rolling – are performed on a single machine at a rate of 80 pieces per minute.

There is a growing demand for full-thread screws of 420 mm length in wood construction due to the current architectural trend of building wooden houses. “While this has a long tradition in Scandinavian countries and the Alps, more and more wooden buildings are also being constructed in the northern parts of Germany,” Amba explains. With the new machine, screw making shops can produce full-thread and partially threaded screws at high cycle rates directly from the wire coil to meet the growing market demand.

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