“Thinnest wire rod in Europe”

At just 4.5 mm, Europe’s thinnest wire rod comes from Saarland. The wire is a new addition to the Saarstahl AG product portfolio and is used for things such as rope and spring wire in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

“The wire rod is 33% thinner over the surface compared to standard 5.5 mm wire. One advantage of the thinner dimension over thick wire rod is that it eliminates the need for intermediate annealing of the wire,” says Dr Klaus Richter, Chief Technology Officer of Saarstahl AG. This cuts production costs during further processing. The material also does not become brittle due to the low drawing loss, resulting in greater formability under load without breaking.

The 4.5 mm wire rod is produced at the Burbach rolling mill on the four-strand wire rod mill. At the plant, 550 employees produce up to 1.2 million tons of wire annually. “We are pleased to expand our product range and offer our customers another dimension at an unrivalled level of quality with this new, super-thin wire rod,” said Tom Niemann, Chief Sales Officer of Saarstahl AG. wire / Hall 12 / A72

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