Leopold II tunnel in Brussels to be modernised

Equans is involved in renovating the Leopold II tunnel, a 2.6-kilometre tunnel in Brussels. The company is also designing the city of tomorrow — a city that will be connected, sustainable and safe. Equans is working to improve the infrastructure using a variety of techniques.

More than 80 per cent of all electromechanical installations are safety systems to ensure that the tunnel meets the latest safety standards. These include 250 cameras managed and controlled by Equans to ensure the safety of users and technical teams. These are intelligent cameras that automatically detect fires, pedestrians and accidents, and cameras that assist in managing emergency exits and technical spaces. A fibre optic network consisting of 35 kilometres of fibre optic cables supports the transmission of the high-resolution images.

The existing safety system is being expanded consistently in terms of fire protection. Fires in the tunnel can be detected quickly by intelligent cameras that automatically detect smoke and thermal signals. Once a fire has been detected, more than ten powerful extraction stations and around 80 jet engines are ready to extract the smoke so that people in the tunnel can leave safely and the fire brigade can reach the fire. Tube / Hall 3 / G24 (Engie Fabricon/Equans)

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