Schwarze-Robitec Presents New Machine Series

Schwarze-Robitec is showcasing a fully electric, multi-radius tube bending machine at Tube. The machine is incorporated into a bending cell, which increases the efficiency of the entire production process, the company states. The Cologne-based manufacturer of tube bending machines is also presenting a new machine series with a surprising new approach.

Schwarze-Robitec promotes itself as an all-round system provider, showcasing its fully electric, multi-radius tube bending machine CNC 80 E TB MR, which has been expanded into a fully automated bending cell. The company uses the system in a sample configuration to demonstrate how users can efficiently connect all production steps relating to bending. The integrated robot continuously loads and unloads the tubes, fully automating the bending process and avoiding interruptions. “Thanks to the wide range of configuration options, bending cells ensure that all production steps before and after bending work in perfect harmony,” Schwarze-Robitec explains.

Schwarze-Robitec meets the highly individual production demands of users from industries such as automotive, aviation, shipbuilding and plant engineering with bending machines tailored to customer requirements. However, simple bending tasks in small- and medium-sized series production sometimes only require a few basic functions.

Tube / Hall 5 / E31

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