New accessories for copper and aluminium applications

Bedra has launched a new range of accessories for copper and aluminium welding and brazing applications. Together with a partner, it offers complete solutions from bonnets to complex conveyor systems. “This reduces wire tangles, knots and loops and reduces traction and abrasion, leading to a significant increase in productivity,” says a company spokesperson.

Maxiglide is a conveyor system that transports wire from the drum to the machine via a roller system. According to Bedra, this allows the wire to be conveyed smoothly up to 40 metres.

The twister compensates for the torsion of the wire with a targeted counteraction. The carefully matched components and gear wheels prevent wire tangles, loops and knots.

The wire pre-bend can be specifically adjusted with a straightening unit. “Ideally, it should be placed in front of the feed unit to ensure an even wire run to the welding position,” states Bedra.

wire / Hall 12 / C14

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