Maintenance Filter Developed for Hydraulic Systems

Dorstener Drahtwerke has developed the Hydrolima maintenance filter in cooperation with a customer. The filter features a self-supporting metal construction that “makes no compromises whatsoever with regard to the available filter surface and the throughput capacity,” the company states. Auf diese Weise sei einerseits gewährleistet, dass nur gereinigtes Öl in den Kreislauf der Hydrauliksysteme gelange und andererseits die Wartungszyklen maximal verlängert würden – was sich in einer ebenfalls maximalen Systemverfügbarkeit auspräge. This ensures that only purified oil enters the hydraulic system circuit while extending maintenance cycles to the maximum, resulting in maximum system availability. “In addition, the maintenance process itself is much simpler and faster when using such filters than with the usual methods.

At the end of the development phase, the cooperation partner of Dorstener Drahtwerke in this project was also convinced by the result. One of the most frequent applications of the Hyrdrolima filter is in the flow of a filter machine, usually before the pump. “The filter has the optimum cleaning effect on the oil there.” To further extend the service life of the oil and, in turn, the hydraulic systems, Dorsten’s experts have matching wire cloth, Sinterpore™ laminates and fibre materials in their range to complement the filters, as well as components made from them for pressure feedback and depth filtration of particles down to 3 micrometres and the removal of free and bound water.

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