thyssenkrupp Schulte invests in a new high-rack storage system

Since commissioning in February 2022, the new system has increased process efficiency in operations and paved the way for automated materials warehousing. This will allow the loading sequence and warehouse handling to be optimised in future.

At 21 meters high, 17 meters wide and 59 meters long, the high rack offers many advantages for the eastern district of the materials trading experts. The efficient use of space creates additional storage capacity. Over 6,000 tons of long material can be stored in the high rack’s 2,020 cassettes. This offers further growth potential. “The new high-rack storage system will enable us to expand our business further and optimally meet increasing customer requirements in the future,” says Tobias Huppenthal, Sales Manager in the Eastern District.

The high-rack storage system supports the companywide goal of CO2 savings in many aspects. Energy is recovered via dynamic energy storage systems during automated processes. The increased storage capacity for materials will also significantly reduce transport from other warehouses in the future, which will reduce CO2 emissions. These and other companywide measures are small but important steps towards achieving the goal of climate neutrality at thyssenkrupp Schulte by 2030.

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