Ovako invests EUR 7.3 million in the rolling mill in Hällefors

Ovako is investing EUR 7.3 million in the rolling mill in Hällefors to strengthen productivity and further reduce carbon emissions. Four new state-of-the-art rolling stands will be installed in the rolling mill. The plan is to install the four new rolling stands in the summer of 2023.

With the support from the owners of Sanyo Special Steel and Nippon Steel Corporation, Ovako continues to invest “to strengthen further its position as a world leader in speciality steel,” the company states. Ovako has invested over EUR 30 million in the Hofors – Hällefors rolling processes in the last years.

“Demand for speciality steel products is increasing, along with higher requirements for sustainability and flexibility. We are continuing to develop our processes and invest in our facilities to meet our customers’ demands and further strengthen our competitiveness,” says Marcus Hedblom, President and CEO of Ovako. Ovako develops high-tech steel solutions for, and in cooperation with, its customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries.

The investment in Hällefors will reduce carbon emissions through modern rolling equipment, which means that the heating temperature can be reduced by up to 50 ⁰C. “The investment will also ensure stable operations and quality and improve productivity“.

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