Oils Developed for Chain Lubrication

Corrosion on forming chains is often seen in insulation production lines as chains are often washed down with very acidic water – especially when glucose binders are used. “With suitable lubricants, maintenance costs & cleaning operations can be optimised while consumption is reduced,” says Condat. Condat Chain Oils are specifically designed for lubricating forming and receiving chains in wet environments. “They ensure the lubrication and anti-corrosion protection of the chains under heavy loads and in aggressive environments. Their water-repellent properties enable the optimal adhesion of the oil film on the wet surface.” Low surface tension provides good wettability, helping in-depth penetration of the oil in every part of the chain link. This extends the chain’s service life and reduces lubricant consumption, according to Condat. Condat Chain Oil WP 46 is biodegradable.

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