New pipe bending press for up to 75 mm wall thickness

Machine manufacturer Gräbener Maschinentechnik has developed a new pipe bending press for bending slotted pipes and half-shells using the step bending method. The company states that this custom-built press’s special feature is its enormous flexibility. That flexibility enables it to produce pipes of widely varying dimensions, with outer diameters from 12” to 48” (up to 100” for half-shells), wall thicknesses from 12 to 75 mm, and lengths between 6 and 13.2 m. “The press can also be used to produce tubes with very small diameters and high wall thicknesses at the same time,” the company explains. Materials with high yield strengths, such as X80, X90 and X100, can be processed without problems. Large-diameter pipe producers normally need several lines for such a large production spectrum. “Another economic plus point that all Graebener® pipe bending presses have in common is the enlarged stroke of the bending blade as well as its stable lateral guidance,” the company states. The increased stroke ensures that the sword can be completely pulled out of the tube after bending. This means that the remaining gap in the tube can be closed directly in the machine with the help of the sword itself. Tube / Hall 7a / B15

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