New micro-processing lasers from Trumpf

Trumpf has developed the next generation and new lines of its TruMicro ultrashort pulse lasers (USP). The two TruMicro 6000 and TruMicro 2000 product families feature new technology platforms “to boost power and enhance versatility,” the company explains. Ultrashort pulsed lasers see frequent use in electronics manufacturing, where they serve to produce printed circuit boards, displays and the like. “With the two new generations of our TruMicro lasers, we are expanding our micro-processing product portfolio and offering solutions suited to satisfy the market’s ever more challenging demands,” says Steffen Rübling, the product manager responsible for TRUMPF’s TruMicro lasers. “With the benefit of powerful infrared lasers, we can convert both the TruMicro 2000 and the TruMicro 6000 to green and ultraviolet wavelengths while maintaining the high beam quality. This enables us to offer the USP laser best suited to the customer’s use case. With 100 watts, the next-generation TruMicro 2000 is the most powerful industrial ultrashort pulse fibre laser. The TruMicro 6000 offers up to 200 watts at pulses in the femtosecond range for even higher performance,” says Rübling.

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